VOICES: 'CSI's' Marg Helgenbeger

"CSI" star Marg Helgenbeger has teamed up with other Hollywood leading ladies to get out the vote. Women's Voices, Women Vote is a non-partisan campaign aimed at the 20 million single women who stayed home from the polls in 2004.

Helgenberger: I think the women's vote is very important. I think the fact that there were 20 million women, single women, in the last election that didn't vote-- When I heard that figure, I was kind of saddened by it, actually.

Public Service Ad [montage of women]: Twenty million women, the largest group of non-voters in America. We can change that. Voting together, we have the power to decide.

Helgenberger: I think that women do not use nearly as much of their power as they're capable of, and for all different kinds of reasons. I think that women, especially if you have a career and children, I think so much of your time is just spent trying to find a balance between those two and prioritizing your life and that you, whatever your issues or your cause is, it kind of gets lost in the shuffle. … The campaign? It certainly will get people's attention. … If something with sexual connotations will get people to vote, why not?

Public Service Ad [montage of women]: You want me to tell you about the first time I did it? I think the best time is in the fall. I like to do it in the morning. I told everybody, I had such a big mouth about it. I made the right choice.

Helgenberger: I'm certainly not going out there speaking, telling women how, how to vote or who to vote for. I'm really just saying: Just get out there and vote, as simple as that.