Coming Up: David Axelrod and Lindsey Graham

Coming Up: David Axelrod and Lindsey Graham

— -- Our guest this Sunday, the President's senior advisor, David Axelrod as President Obama may be facing one of the most critical moments of his presidency.

Health Care reform hangs in the balance. The President has ramped up his involvement in the effort to get it passed but the Speaker is still looking for the votes. On top of that there's the unfinished business of financial reform; a diplomatic mishap (to say the least) that clouded the Vice-President's trip to Israel and raised more questions about the Administration's strategy to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; and an unusual debate between the White House and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court over the appropriateness of the President's State of the Union Address. We'll talk about it all with Mr. Axelrod.

Then, an exclusive interview with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. The President's Chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, calls him an "honorable man." Graham has been working with the White House on detainee issues and climate change. And Thursday he met with the President on immigration reform, an issue that has been on the back burner. But Graham also says using reconciliation to pass health care would be "catastrophic" and ruin any chance of bipartisanship for the remainder of this Congress.

Then a special roundtable - Anita Dunn, most recently the Obama Administration's communications director, and Ed Gillespie, former White House Counselor in the Bush Administration join George Will and Cokie Roberts to analyze the current state of the Obama presidency and the consequences of success or failure on health care reform for The President, Democrats and Republicans.

Join us Sunday on This Week.