Coming Up on This Week: Axelrod, DeMint and Menendez

Top Obama Adviser David Axelrod and Sens. Jim DeMint and Robert Menendez

— -- Sunday on This Week, Republican Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts has Democrats across the country reeling. Top Obama Adviser David Axelrod tells us how the President and the Democratic party plan to move forward. Will they retreat on health care? What other agenda items are in jeopardy?

And last summer he said stopping the Democratic health care reform plan would "break" the President. We'll hear what Republican Senator Jim DeMint has to say now about what he called Obama's "Waterloo".

Plus, Democrats are calling the Massachusetts loss a wake-up call, but can they keep a populist wave from overwhelming them in November? Senator Robert Menendez, the man in charge holding on to a Democratic majority in the Senate tells us how his party plans to stop the tide.

Guest anchor Terry Moran and our Roundtable, George Will, Cokie Roberts, Sam Donaldson and political strategist Matthew Dowd take on the future of health care, the President's first year and the disgruntled state of the union.

You won't want to miss it. See you Sunday.