Coming Up on 'This Week' ... Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod

VIDEO: Obama: Tax Debate Will Determine
WATCH Obama: Tax Debate Will Determine Economy

President Obama says his tax deal is the right thing for the country, but it has come under attack from many in his own party. Sunday, we will hear from the President's top political advisor, David Axelrod. Will the tax deal be able to pass the House with strident opposition from Democrats? If it becomes law, will it help spur economic growth? And just how much did Obama have to give up to strike a deal with Republicans?

Then, with Middle East peace talks perpetually stalled, Christiane Amanpour hosts an exceedingly rare debate and discussion between the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayyad, and Israeli opposition leader and former foreign minister, Tzipi Livni. Fayyad and Livni, with their intimate knowledge of the peace process, will discuss how it can move forward, and whether the two sides can find common ground now that the direct talks started by the Obama administration last August have suffered a serious setback.

With hundreds of Israeli housing units under construction in the West Bank, Livni and Fayyad will look at how much of an impediment to peace those Israeli settlements really are. Also, is a real peace deal possible with the terrorist group Hamas in control of Gaza? Will Palestinian officials unilaterally declare a Palestinian state?

And with the specter of a nuclear Iran looming, how long do the Israelis and Palestinians have to hammer out a final status agreement? Where has the Obama administration fallen short, and what can it do to help jump-start talks again?

More than 17 years after the Oslo Accords, will there be a negotiated peace in the Holy Land? Christiane Amanpour hosts an exclusive discussion only on "This Week."

Then George Will, Cokie Roberts, Matthew Dowd and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman discuss all the week's politics on the "This Week" roundtable.

Plus, an exclusive interview with Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After two of the Royals got caught in a massive protest against government cutbacks, Amanpour will ask Brown if belt-tightening is really the only way forward for countries confronted with huge deficits and debt. And she will talk with the Prime Minister about his new book, "Beyond the Crash," and ask him the hard questions about how to get the global economy back on track.

The President's top advisor, a very rare debate between a top Israeli and a top Palestinian, a powerhouse roundtable and Gordon Brown – only Sunday on "This Week." You don't want to miss it.