Recalling Dr. Theodore Maiman, Alvin Batiste and Dr. Leonard Eron

Dr. Theodore Maiman, 79 -- Physicist; Developed the world's first laser in 1960.

Alvin Batiste, 74 -- Jazz clarinetist; A New Orleans jazz legend, he played with Ray Charles and Branford Marsalis.

Dr. Leonard Eron, 87 -- Psychologist who led the first study that established a causal relationship between TV violence and youth aggression.

"About ten percent of violent crimes can be attributed to watching violence on television by youngsters."

This Week, the Pentagon released the names of 25 soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army PFC Jerome J Potter, 24, of Tacoma, Wash.

Marine MSgt Kenneth N Mack, 42, of Fort Worth, Texas

Marine Cpl Charles O Palmer II, 36, of Manteca, Calif.

Army SSG Christopher S Kiernan, 37, of Virginia Beach, Va.

Army SSG Christopher N Hamlin, 24, of London, Ken.

Army PFC Larry I Guyton, 22, of Brenham, Texas

Army COL James W Harrison Jr, 47, of Missouri

Army MSG Wilberto Sabalu Jr, 36, of Chicago, Ill.

Army SPC Robert J Dixon, 27, of Minneapolis, Minn.

Army SGT Sameer A M Rateb, 22, of Absecon, N.J.

Army SSG Virgil C Martinez, 33, of West Valley, Utah

Army SSG Vincenzo Romeo, 23, of Lodi, N.J.

Army SGT Jason R Harkins, 25, of Clarkesville, Ga.

Army SGT Joel W Lewis, 28, of Sandia Park, N.M.

Army CPL Matthew L Alexander, 21, of Gretna, Neb.

Army CPL Anthony M Bradshaw, 21, of San Antonio, Texas

Army CPL Michael A Pursel, 19, of Clinton, Utah

Army SPC Dan H Nguyen, 24, of Sugar Land, Texas

Army SGT Timothy P Padgett, 28, of Defuniak Springs, Fla.

Marine LCpl Walter K O'Haire, 20, of Lynn, Mass.

Army SGM Bradly D Conner, 41, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Army SGT Blake C Stephens, 25, of Pocatello, Idaho

Army SPC Kyle A Little, 20, of West Boylston, Mass.

Army SGT Jason W Vaughn, 29, of Iuka, Miss.

Army PFC Roy L Jones III, 21, of Houston, Texas