In Memoriam: Lives of Note

Sofia Adamson, 90 -- Endured three years of Japanese occupation in WWII, and received the Purple Heart more than 50 years later.

"I'm now between my 31st and 32nd orthopedic operation ... and, believe me, this award came and I've forgotten about all the pain."

Philip Kaiser, 93 -- As ambassador to Austria, Hungary and Senegal, he served under every democratic president from Truman to Carter.


Army SFC Scott J Brown, 33, of Windsor, CO
Army SPC Marquis J McCants, 23, of San Antonio, TX
Army SGT Anselmo Martinez III, 26, of Robstown, TX
Army SPC Casey W Nash, 22, of Baltimore, MD
Army SPC Joshua G Romero, 19, of Crowley, TX
Army SGT Justin D Wisniewski, 22, of Standish, MI
Army SGT Ryan J Baum, 27, of Aurora, CO
Army SFC Jesse B Albrecht, 31, of Hager City, WI
Army SPC Coty J Phelps, 20, of Kingman, AZ
Army PFC Victor M Fontanilla, 23, of Stockton, CA
Army SSG Christopher Moore, 28, of Alpaugh, CA
Army SGT Jean P Medlin, 27, of Pelham, AL
Army SPC David W Behrle, 20, of Tipton, IA
Army SPC Joseph A Gilmore, 26, of Webster, FL
Army PFC Travis F Haslip, 20, of Ooltewah, TN
Army PFC Alexander R Varela, 19, of Fernley, NV
Army SGT Jason A Schumann, 23, of Hawley, MN
Army CPL Ryan D Collins, 20, of Vernon, TX
Marine LCpl Benjamin D Desilets, 21, of Elmwood, IL
Marine Cpl Julian M Woodall, 21, of Tallahassee, FL
Army PVT Oscar Sauceda Jr, 21, of Del Rio, TX
Army SGT Robert J Montgomery Jr, 29, of Scottsburg, IN
Army SSG  Shannon V Weaver, 28, Urich, MO
Army SGT Brian D Ardron, 32, of Acworth, GA
Army SPC Michael W Davis, 22, of San Marcos, TX
Army SSG David C Kuehl, 27, of Wahpeton, ND
Army SSG Kristopher A Higdon, 25, of Odessa, TX
Army PFC Robert A Worthington, 19, of Jackson, GA
Army PFC Joseph J Anzack Jr, 20, of Torrance, CA
Army SPC Benjamin J Ashley, 22, of Independence, MO
Army SSG Steve Butcher Jr, 27, of Penfield, NY
Army PFC Daniel P Cagle, 22, of Carson, CA
Army PFC Robert H Dembowski, 20, of Ivyland, PA
Army PFC Casey P Zylman, 22, of Coleman, MI
Army SGT Iosiwo Uruo, 27, of Agana Heights, GU