In Memoriam: Lives of Note

Bob Evans, 89 -- Restaurateur known for his homemade sausage, who grew his restaurant business into a 1.7 billion dollar empire.

Judge William Hungate, 84 -- Former U.S. congressman from Missouri.

Rep Guy Vander Jagt, 75 -- Former U.S. congressman from Michigan who served in Congress for nearly three decades, and was a prolific fundraiser and campaigner for the GOP.

"Our message is wake up America, wake up. ... Together we can make a new beginning."

Fallen South Carolina Firefighters
Capt. William Hutchinson, 48
Capt. Mike Benke, 49
Capt. Louis Mulkey, 34
Mark Kelsey, 40
Bradford Baity, 37
Michael French, 27
James "Earl" Drayton, 56
Brandon Thompson, 27
Melvin Champaign, 46


Army SSG Michael A Bechert, 24, of New Castle, IN
Army CPL Dustin R Brisky, 26, of Round Rock, TX
Army PFC Michael P Pittman, 34, of Davenport, IA
Army SGT Danny R Soto, 24, of Houston, TX
Army CPL Zachary A Grass, 22, of Beach City, OH
Army SSG Roy P Lewsader, Jr, 36, of Belleville, IL
Army 1LT Frank B Walkup, IV, 23, of Woodbury, TN
Army PFC David A Wilkey Jr, 22, of Elkhart, IN
Army CPT Joshua E Steele, 26, of North Henderson, IL
Army SFC Christopher D Henderson, 35, of Hillsboro, OR
Army SFC John M Hennen, 26, of Vinton, LA
Army SGT Richard K Parker, 26, of Phillips, ME
Army PFC Larry Parks Jr, 24, of Altoona, PA
Army SGT Eric L Snell, 35, of Trenton, NJ
Army SGT Derek T Roberts, 24, of Gold River, CA
Army SPC Val J Borm, 21, of Sidney, NE
Army SPC Farid Elazzouzi, 26, of Paterson, NJ
Army SPC Darryl W Linder, 23, of Hickory, NC
Army SFC William A Zapfe, 35, of Muldraugh, KY
Army PFC Joshua S Modgling, 22, of Las Vegas, NV
Marine Sgt Shawn P Martin, 30, of Delmar, NY
Marine SSgt Stephen J Wilson, 28, of Duluth, GA
Army SGT Dustin J Perrott, 23, of Fredericksburg, VA
Army PFC Jacob T Tracy, 20, of Palestine, IL
Army PFC Raymond N Spencer Jr, 23, of Carmichael, CA
Army SPC Karen N Clifton, 22, of Lehigh Acres, FL