‘This Week’ Transcript: Rep. Mike Rogers and Ray Kelly

Rep. Mike Rogers interviewed on 'This Week'

ByABC News
February 8, 2014, 9:59 AM
Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on 'This Week'
Former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly on 'This Week'
ABC News

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RADDATZ: Welcome to This Week.

Olympics on edge -- new security fears with the games now underway. This morning, we're on the ground in Sochi with all the breaking details and our panel of experts on the unprecedented operation to keep our athletes safe.

Plus, Republican reversal.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R) OHIO: The president is going to have to demonstrate to the American people that he can be trusted.


RADDATZ: Speaker Boehner's sudden shift on immigration and a stunning new report on Obamacare. The powerhouse roundtable breaks it all down.

And, silent killer.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We do begin with the tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.


RADDATZ: A Hollywood stars shocking death. Is heroin America's new hidden crisis?

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RADDATZ: Hello again, I'm Martha Raddatz. This morning, we're New York City in the GMA studios. You see Times Square behind me because this city knows better than any in the world how to protect against the kinds of threats facing Sochi, host of the Olympic games. It's the first Olympics in history that terrorists have publicly vowed to attack.

Former New York police commissioner Ray Kelly, Brian Ross and our panel of experts will be along in a moment, but we begin in Sochi where the first weekend of competition is underway.

There you see the medal count. The U.S. just behind Norway in the early going. Here's ABC's Matt Gutman.


MATT GUTMAN, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: A second gold minted for the U.S. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson spinning, soaring in women's slopestyle final, completing a U.S. sweep in the daredevil event with Sage Kotsenburg taking the game's first gold Saturday. And thousands of Americans here to cheer their athletes on. Finding the Americans not so easy.

Tourists, no? No. Hasn't seen...

Swarming here, tens of thousands of security personnel from the choppers slaloming in the sky over the opening ceremonies to the purple brigades of plain clothes security in these ski getups and forcing strict security protocols.

Right now, we left the venue. We tried to bring some American families out to talk to them, but they forbade us from doing so. These guys are extremely strict.

The start of these games beset by controversy with anti-gay protesters arrested in Moscow and in St. Petersburg over the weekend.

But perhaps the most glaring snafu, during the showcase moment in the opening ceremonies with President Putin presiding.

Those five descending snowflakes were supposed to melt into Olympics rings, but the fifth one on the right malfunctioned.

It's among a blizzard of pictures depicting some hazardous hospitality here from faulty door handles to beer colored water or the bee in my honey packet.

And then there was this -- bobsledder Johnny Quinn's solution to a jammed bathroom door, bursting right through right.

We watch, because we always do. Except this time with pictures so prodigious and the sentiment so viral we're getting more than just the official view.

For This Week, Matt Gutman, ABC News, Sochi.


RADDATZ: All right, thanks to Matt.

Let's bring in USA Today's Christine Brennan, also an ABC News contributor who has covered 16 Olympics and she's joining us live from Sochi this morning.

Good morning, Christine.