Caption This: Squirrel Hijacks Vacation Photo

Where did that squirrel come from? Mother Nature intervenes in this vacation.

August 15, 2009, 9:15 AM

Aug. 15, 2009— -- There is nothing quite like the beauty of nature. That's at least what Melissa and Jackson Brandts thought when they set up their camera to capture themselves in front of Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park in Canada.

But sometimes Mother Nature has a funny way of intervening. Just before their camera clicked on a timer, a squirrel found its way into the frame.

Perhaps it was enthralled by the flashing light. Perhaps it was curious about the shiny metal box. Or maybe the squirrel knew exactly what it was doing and just wanted its own 15 minutes of fame.

(Maybe, it was just some good use of Photoshop -- although we don't have any proof of that.)

Whatever the case, we like the photo. So did the couple.

After returning from the May vacation, they submitted it to National Geographic's 'Your Shot' contest. It was named photo of the day earlier this week and has garnered national attention.

What do you think the squirrel was thinking? What would you have done? Do you have a good caption for this vacation photo gone wrong? Please leave your suggestions in the comment area below.

"My husband and I were exploring Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park-Canada when we stopped for a timed picture of the two of us," Melissa Brandts told National Geographic.

"We had our camera set up on some rocks and were getting ready to take the picture when this curious little ground squirrel appeared, became intriqued [sic] with the sound of the focusing camera and popped right into our shot! A once in a lifetime moment! We were laughing about this little guy for days!!"

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