World's Top Restaurants with a View

Restaurants that offer more than just the usual bite to eat.

LONDON, Aug. 21, 2009 — -- Some restaurants offer fantastic food, others spectacular wines, but some offer something even more special, a feast for the eyes -- a breathtaking view. ABC News has compiled this list of the world's top restaurants with a view.

1. Skyline Restaurant, Queenstown, New Zealand

Set high above Queenstown, the Skyline Restaurant has been touted as "Queenstown's most spectacular location." The restaurant provides a traditional "Taste of New Zealand buffet" that includes seafood, salads and the famous South Island salmon. Beyond the food, the restaurant's design does all it can to capitalize on the spectacular view – there's no need to worry about being close to the windows as the tiered seating ensures that every table can take full advantage of the view. Also not to be missed, the Skyline Restaurant features live entertainment.

2. Sunset Restaurant, Hydra Island, Greece

The Sunset Restaurant is certainly a restaurant with a view. The seating area overlooks Hydra Island's idyllic beaches and restaurant-goers are treated to an uninterrupted view of sunsets on the horizon. The seafood comes fresh from the Aegean Sea and the cuisine is traditionally Greek. Continuing the traditional experience, during the high season, the restaurant also offers live Greek music to entertain guests while they eat. The Sunset Restaurant's feel is a mixture of a relaxed vacation atmosphere teamed with the bohemian lifestyle of the island.

3. Piz Gloria, Switzerland

The mountains surrounding Piz Gloria not only offer stunning views for tourists but have also been featured in the James Bond movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The revolving restaurant is reached by cable car and once arriving at the summit, guests find themselves in the middle of almost 200 mountains. The food also offers some 007 flair with the Bond-inspired luxury buffet breakfast. Other food on the menu is distinctly Swiss in nature and guests should also be sure to take a stroll on the terrace where they can continue to admire the view.

4. The View, New York City

With a view of one of the world's most recognizable skylines, The View in New York is the city's only revolving roof top restaurant. Guests use express elevators to travel up to the 48th story where they find themselves in a restaurant that offers spectacular and ever-changing views of the city – the restaurant makes a 360-degree rotation every hour. The fare on the menu is classically American, and was designed by Ron Camillo. Above the restaurant is also a lounge that offers the same breathtaking views but with a more relaxed and low-key atmosphere.

5. Top of the World Restaurant, Las Vegas

6. The View Bar, Sao Paolo, Brazil

From the 30th floor, The View Bar offers breathtaking views over Sao Paolo. Diners can enjoy fabulous food from a menu designed by chef Tuca Antônio in a modern setting with comfortable furniture and contemporary decor. The restaurant also boasts a terrace area so guests can get outdoors to experience the 30-story views or stay indoors where they can enjoy live musical shows Monday through Saturday.

7. Le Jules Verne, Paris, France

Set high above the streets of Paris in the iconic Eiffel Tower, Le Jules Verne offers a dining experience that is quintessential of Parisian elegance. The restaurant's menu has been designed to add a contemporary feel to classic French cuisine and the Web site explains that they have given them "just the right 'modern touch." Le Jules Verne's interior has also been given the expert touch – to compliment the unique view, the decor plays on the natural light and the furniture works perfectly with the restaurant's modern feel.

8. Michel's, Hawaii

Michel's is an oceanfront restaurant with undisturbed views out to the Pacific Ocean surrounding Hawaii. Right on the sand, guests are treated to a dining experience where, according to the Web site, "all five senses are enchanted and romanced." The menu offers classical French cuisine partnered with an impressive wine list. The entire experience, complete with views of the stunning shore, is first-class and touted as perfect for a romantic bite to eat.

9. Harbour View, Portree, Scotland

Originally a fisherman's cottage, Harbour View Seafood Restaurant overlooks the scenic Portree Harbor on the Scottish Isle of Skye. The Harbour has seen many famous faces including Prince Charles and Robert Louis Stevenson. The menu takes advantage of the restaurant's easy access to fresh seafood with cuisine that the Web site describes as "served with classic simplicity, ensuring that the subtle flavors of the freshest produce are unimpaired." To accompany the food, the restaurant offers an impressive range of wines from around the world.

10. Aqua Restaurant, Hong Kong

Aqua Restaurant's stunning views look out onto Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. Split into multiple dining areas, the restaurant offers a range of dining experiences. With menus that are modern and clean, the cuisine is inspired by traditional Japanese and Italian dishes. This feel matches the Hong Kong vibe of modern furnishings and contemporary decor. For maximum impact, diners should be sure to take note of the lighting which perfectly complements the view beyond the windows.