Airline Apologizes for World Cup Social Media Misstep

The World Cup's first social media gaffe involves a giraffe.

June 17, 2014— -- Well, it could have been worse. At least this social media gaffe involved an animal. Though it does have some questioning how much the folks behind the Delta Air Lines social media account know about Africa, a continent very much on their route map.

2014 FIFA World Cup TV Schedule and Results

The tweet, which has since been removed, pictured the final score of the game with a photo of the Statue of Liberty next to the U.S. score (2) and a photo of a giraffe next to the Ghana score (1).

Trouble is, there are no giraffes in Ghana. And the Twitterverse knows it.

But some think the Internet needs to relax.

Everyone can agree that this one -- tweeted prior to the controversial giraffe photo -- is much better:


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