Top Gripes About Airline Food

Airlines offering food on domestic flights is all but a thing of the past.

ByABC News
April 15, 2013, 8:36 AM

April 20, 2013— -- We've all been there. Packed plane. Close quarters. Your seatmate chomping on some god-awful smelling thing they brought on board.

But who can blame them, really? Airlines offering food on domestic flights is all but a thing of the past, unless you feel like paying up. And who can blame Mr. 8D if he'd prefer homemade lamb curry to the $7 airline snack box?

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Turns out smelly food isn't the top complaint from air travelers when it comes to airline food, but it's on the list. Some 17 percent of people surveyed by YouGov said they "dislike when other passengers bring strong smelling food aboard the airplane."

What do they like even less? The "very limited options" (37 percent); the "food choices available are too expensive" (31 percent); and the "poor quality" of airline food (24 percent). A full 42 percent of respondents think there should be a free hot meal available on flights over four hours.

Perhaps because of what's perceived as a lack of quality options, nearly a quarter of people don't purchase food at the airport or on the plane while traveling. Only 7 percent do purchase airline food. And Mr. 8D with the homemade lamb curry? He's one of 15 percent who bring food from outside the airport onboard.