Airline Food, Delivered to Your Home

One company thinks airline food at home could be the next big thing.

— -- An online grocery store thinks airline food delivered to customers' homes could be the next big thing.

German company will spend this month and next figuring out if there's enough to make its program Air Food One a permanent offering. The food is similar to that found in Lufthansa's business class, but "even fresher."

The meals are "inspired by airplane food," Allyouneed spokesman Max Thinius said, noting that there's a demand for heat-and-serve food among its client base, so they approached the airline caterers LSG to see about a partnership.

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"The idea," Thinius said, "is to invent meals that are prepared fresh and just needs to be heated in the oven. So LSG prepares all the fresh food, we deliver it cool but not frozen and if you heat it up you have a meal which is mostly like you cooked yourself, depending on how well you cook."

One target group is families, he said, and another one is elderly people and consultants -- people who work somewhere Monday until Thursday and don't want to eat out all the time.

One would think that a person who travels so much might be sick of airline food. But Thinius said airline food in Germany -- which is typically only served in business class -- is a superior quality to the airline food we've become accustomed to in the United States.

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Air Food One meals are also available on planes, Thinius said. And with items such as grilled fish and risotto and steak with vegetables, the time may have come to book a business-class flight to Germany.