New American Airlines Ad Explains What Makes 'the Best Travelers'

The nation's third-largest air carrier is facing backlash over an ad.

— -- American Airlines released a new ad campaign with the slogan "The world's greatest flyers fly American," but the spot has left some travelers feeling miffed.

"They walk faster in airports," the ad states. "They know their mood contributes to the mood of the flight. They pack like they're solving a jigsaw puzzle."

But now the nation's third-largest air carrier is facing online backlash from people who feel they're being lectured.

One person commented on YouTube, "American's marketing team needs to be fired."

"This is so backwards," another wrote.

The ad follows a controversial incident for the airline this year when a flight attendant was caught on camera telling a passenger to "shut up."

Another line from the ad reads, "They always ask before they raise and lower the window shade."

The ad continues, saying the best travelers "like babies but bring noise canceling headphones."

A representative for American Airlines, Sunny Rodriguez, told ABC News, "We think everyone could find something relatable from this ad campaign — whether it's stuck in the middle seat and feeling like you have a right to that armrest or being the person who thinks they are the world's greatest flier."

Rodriguez said the airline's goal wasn't to tell people to change their behavior but "to start a conversation around flying."