Experts Share Their Go-To Business Travel Gear

Top 10 travel essentials for business travelers.

ByAMY CHEN, LinkedIn
March 08, 2013, 3:34 PM

March 9, 2013— -- intro: LinkedIn asked 10 travel-industry CEOs, executives and writers: "What do you never leave home without?" From must-have gadgets to versatile accessories, consider these top 10 travel essentials for business travelers.

quicklist: 1title:Expert Pick #1: Compression bagstext:"I will do whatever I can avoid to checking a bag. I've fallen in love with nylon compression bags from Flight 001, which condense my clothing and somehow allow me to pack twice the amount. A Spacepak ($46) has both a clean-clothes side and a need-to-be-laundered side. I travel with two all the time — one for my wardrobe and one for workout clothes." -- Ave Bradley, vice president of design, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurantsmedia: 18687121

quicklist: 2title: Expert Pick #2: Boxed shirts from the dry cleanerstext:"This is a simple but transformative travel strategy that makes packing efficient and keeps you looking smart. Best of all, it is part of my travel-light strategy to keep to a carry-on bag only." -- Hugo Burge, CEO of Momondo Group, which operates and Momondo.commedia: 18686955

quicklist: 3title: Expert Pick #3: Smartphone battery extendertext: "If my iPhone 4s battery is used up by 1 p.m., it's almost like my world stops. I've actually left conferences because my battery died. (Sad but true.) I saw someone with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus ($99.95) and immediately bought one. It essentially allows me an extra full charge per day." -- Dennis Owen, vice president marketing Americas for Cathay Pacificmedia: 18687161

quicklist: 4title: Expert Pick #4: Noise-canceling headphonestext:"The younger generation of business travelers will gobble up these noise-canceling Executive headphones by Beats by Dr. Dre ($299.95). They are designed for cruising at 35,000 feet — and they are lightweight and comfortable." – John DiScala (aka Johnny Jet), founder, JohnnyJet.commedia: 18687059

quicklist: 5title: Expert Pick #5: Black pashminatext: "I get really cold on long flights so I use this John Lewis cashmere-and-silk pashmina (£89) as an extra blanket, as a wrap over evening wear if a venue is air-conditioned, and as a scarf with a coat. Pashminas are really versatile." -- Carolyn Pearson, CEO of & head of commercial systems at EasyJetmedia: 18687149

quicklist: 6title: Expert Pick #6: Fleece pullovertext: Within three years of hanging up his Wall Street suit to become a full-time travel writer, Lee Abbamonte crossed a milestone: At age 32, he is believed to have become the youngest American to visit every country in the world.

Abbamonte, now 34, typically wears this Oakley Shelf Life fleece ($60) on the plane. "The fleece fits a business or leisure trip equally. It can be worn over a dress shirt or a T-shirt… I no longer travel with a garment bag and the extra clothes and accessories to wear with suits for multiple days. In fact, I never check a bag nowadays." -- Lee Abbamonte, financial adviser-turned-travel writer,www.leeabbamonte.commedia: 18687224

quicklist: 7title: Expert Pick #7: Power adaptertext:"The outlet adapter from Brookstone ($35.99) rocks because it powers a laptop and two USB devices right out of one hub. I recently field-tested it in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It's an all-star for size and function." -- Christopher Baer, director, Marriott Insight Strategy & Innovationmedia: 18686991

quicklist: 8title: Expert Pick #8: Slip-on shoestext: "These classic canvas Toms ($44) are perfect for travel. They are comfortable, minimalist, and easy to slip on and off for airport security. They also compress when packing. I wear Toms on the plane almost all the time now — but not with a suit. (It can look like you're wearing slippers.) I also have a pair in Hotwire red for special occasions." -- Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Groupmedia: 18687234

quicklist: 9title: Expert Pick #9: Sunscreentext:"I have super sun-sensitive skin so no matter where I'm traveling, I always make sure I have sunscreen with me. Neutrogena is travel-friendly and affordable. I do put my sunscreen in a plastic baggie inside the bigger plastic bag you have to use for all carry-on items – just in case." -- Karen Schaler, Emmy Award-winning TV correspondent & host of the Travel Therapy seriesmedia: 18687192

quicklist: 10title: Expert Pick #10: Hand sanitizertext: "I never leave home without Purell, especially during flu season. The 1-ounce bottle fits in any bag and ensures that I don't bring germs home to my kids and colleagues." -- Caryn Seidman Becker, chairman & CEO of CLEARmedia: 18687135

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