Easter Eye Candy to Tempt Your Sweet Tooth

It's time for pastels and Easter egg hunts and happy bunnies all over.

ByABC News
March 28, 2013, 12:38 AM

March 27, 2013— -- intro: Whether the weather agrees or not, spring is here, and it's time for pastels and Easter egg hunts and happy bunnies all over. Here's a roundup of Easter-themed eye candy to sweeten your day (and get you craving chocolate).

quicklist: 1title: Chocolate Eggs by Norman Lovetext: The handmade chocolates by this Naples, Fla., confectioner really do cross over into the edible-art realm… but after that first nibble, it's easy to tear through a whole box of Norman Love chocolates. Even ones as beautiful as this special Easter collection.media: 18817369

quicklist: 2title: Four Seasons Hotel Miamitext: Dwarfing the bunnies who guard it from passers-by, the 75-pound chocolate Easter egg in the Four Seasons lobby took 30 hours to make out of dark and light chocolate. Yes, it's 100 percent edible. The question is, would you dare?media: 18817380

quicklist: 3title: Boris the Bunnytext: Not to be outdone by a mere egg, the 4-foot chocolate bunny in the Wyndham Grand Orlando makes one heck of a lobby ornament. And he, too, is edible from tip to toe. Iced with 40 pounds of "royal icing," Boris also sports two pounds of candied rose petals, 188 violet macarons and an ounce of edible gold. media: 18817412

quicklist: 4title:Middleton Place Hand-Painted Ceramicstext: Don't try munching one of these ornamental eggs – they're actually ceramic, hand-painted by Middleton Place's own on-staff potter. They'll be "prize eggs" hidden around the gorgeous grounds of "America's Oldest Landscaped Garden" for the annual Eggstravaganza, along with many humble hard-boiled ones. media: 18817422

quicklist: 5title: Harry & David Spring Petit Fourstext: Adorable, simple and classic, these petit fours are a perfect grown-up gift if you're attending an Easter celebration. Let the kids stuff themselves on Cadbury – little do they know, these French treats are every bit as sweet.media: 18817521

quicklist: 6title: Easter Cupcakes, Baked By Melissatext: What with cupcakes having overtaken sliced bread as the greatest baked good in history, of course one would have to be included in the Easter sweets pantheon. This shiny and scrumptious version is called Cotton Candy Cake, featuring bright pink vanilla icing and Cotton Candy Crunch topping.18817532media:

quicklist: 7title: Cake Shop, Mandarin Orientaltext: Designed by Pastry Chef Pierre Mathieu, this delicate and decadent creation is, believe it or not, a chocolate Easter egg. It fans out in 11 separate segments, and features a spicy Venezuelan dark chocolate shell around a milk chocolate filling and, nestled in all that chocolate, a praline heart.media: 18817549

quicklist: 8title:Sourdough Boudin BunnyPhoto credit: Boudin Bakerytext: If you're all sugared out, Boudin is doing bunny-shaped sourdough biscuits that perfectly accompany a spring mix salad or a bowl of clam chowder for Easter brunch.media: 18817560