Cheap Airline Tickets? JetBlue Offers Unlimited Flights for $499

The JetBlue month-long unlimited travel pass has spurred some unusual trips.

ByABC News
August 17, 2010, 11:00 AM

Aug. 17, 2010— -- Joseph DiNardo spent an entire month last year flying across the country, just spending 12 hours in a succession of U.S. cities before hopping back on a flight and moving on, all thanks to an unlimited travel pass from JetBlue.

Now that JetBlue is once again selling an unspecified amount of the month-long "All You Can Jet" passes, DiNardo is brainstorming on a new and creative way to take advantage.

"After doing it the first time and seeing all the attention we got, I felt I had to do it again," DiNardo told ABC News. "I would like to work in some sort of charity element this time around."

Even for travelers who aren't looking to hop around the country every 12 hours, the JetBlue pass can be a good deal.

Here's how it works: for $499 you can fly any day of the week except Friday and Sunday. For $699, you can fly any time, on any flight with available seats to any JetBlue destination. The pass is valid for flights between Sept. 7 and Oct. 6, and seats must be booked at least three days before travel. Taxes and fees are included on the domestic trips, but if you fly out of the country, those are extra.

Considering that a round-trip ticket from New York to California on JetBlue is now running for about $400 during the period, the pass could pay for itself after two trips. Granted, on some routes tickets go for as little as $99 round-trip.

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JetBlue sold out its unspecified "limited number" of passes last year and got great publicity, including from ABC News which featured DiNardo's journey with college friend Clark Dever on World News.