Cheapest Days to Fly Memorial Day Weekend

PHOTO: Flyers will pay more for a domestic flight with a Friday departure and Monday return.Getty Images
Flyers will pay more for a domestic flight with a Friday departure and Monday return.

Bad news for fliers: If you're hoping to extend your Memorial Day weekend getaway, you're going to pay – up to $100 per ticket.

Memorial Day is on May 27, and the good news is that if you're willing to travel in the days prior to the first unofficial weekend of summer and return on Saturday of the holiday weekend, you can save almost $200 per ticket, according to new data from the travel booking web site Travelocity.

Those who want the plain old Friday departure and Monday return? You'll pay an average of $350 for a domestic flight. The most expensive date combination is a Monday, May 20, departure and a Tuesday, May 28, return with an average ticket price of $448.

The cheapest round-trip departure and return combo is a Friday and Saturday of the holiday weekend for a round-trip price of $257. Every departure Tuesday through Friday before the holiday weekend and returning on Saturday yields an average price of less than $310.

And if you're planning on holding out for a last-minute airfare deal? Not likely. Travelocity's historical data shows prices typically drop at the beginning of April and steadily increase each week, with the significant price increases happening the week of April 22 (averaging $10 per ticket on average) and the week of May 19 (averaging $23 per ticket). Prices will jump even more for those who wait until the very last minute, an average of $26 the week of Memorial Day.