Cozumel, Mexico, Home to 'World's First' Underwater Oxygen Bar

Those crazy cruisers are at it again.

— -- Usually, cruisers want to keep their heads above water.

But a recently opened attraction at a bustling cruise port has visitors taking the plunge into what's being billed as the "world's first" underwater oxygen bar.

Called Clear Lounge, the freestanding aquarium is at Puerta Maya Cozumel, Mexico, one of Carnival's busiest ports. The experience lasts 20 minutes and guests wear a helmet that receives a flow of oxygen -- complete with optional aromatherapy.

Soooo ... what do the submerged do for 20 minutes? There's underwater Jenga, write-on message boards, and target practice with high-powered bubble guns. There's also an underwater photo booth. Participants will also have their photo taken in an underwater photo booth with a variety of props, from sunglasses to martini glasses.

Jim Mayfield, the president of the company that created Clear Lounge, calls it a "social novelty experience, much like an ice bar." In other words, the kind of thing you do so you can say you did it, and then post awesome photos on social media. The experience costs $38 and photos are an additional $22 for seven images.