Cuba Flights Now on Sale on

Site is first to sell flights to Cuba to American travelers.

But because the sale of direct flights to Cuba from the United States is still not possible, the trip will involve a stop in another country.

“Since the rule change, we have seen a surge in search volumes for travel to Cuba.” said Jeff Klee, CEO of “Arranging flights to Cuba is a little complicated, but it’s the kind of thing we’re good at and our technology platform is flexible enough to make it possible. Our team did a great job building it out in just a few weeks’ time.”

But there are still rules in place and criteria that needs to be met for any American who wishes to travel to Cuba. Click here to have all your Cuba travel questions answered. When a traveler books a flight to Cuba on its site, they will be asked which of the 12 existing criteria they meet before the purchase is complete.

It was already possible to book tickets to Cuba through a third country: CheapAir simply makes the process doable on one travel site.

Last month, travel site kayak announced that American travelers could now search for air travel and hotel accommodations in Cuba on its site. However, booking is not possible.