Expedia Identifies the Summer Road-Trippers We Love to Hate

Don't be one of these.

— -- Everyone hates "the texter." You know, the person who is simultaneously hurling down the highway at 75 mph and sending an all-important text message. The one endangering their life and those of the people around them.

There's the "tailgater," the "left land hog," the "crawler," and the "multitasker."

Here's Expedia's list of bad road trip behavior. The takeaway? Don't be one of these.

1. The Texter

2. The Tailgater

3. The Left-Lane Hog

4. The Crawler

5. The Multitasker

6. The Drifter

7. The Inconsiderate

8. The Swerver

9. The Speeder

10. The Unappreciative

11. The Honker

12. The Red Light Racer