Father's Day Traditions of 10 Celebrity Chefs

Is Father's Day is a big deal? For these 10 celebrity chefs it is.

ByABC News
June 15, 2013, 8:35 AM

June 16, 2013— -- intro: Still on the fence about whether Father's Day is a big deal? For these 10 celebrity chefs it is … whether they keep it simple with a cookout, or splash out with caviar. Read on for awesome anecdotes and inspiring Dad's Day traditions from Daniel Boulud, Michael Mina, David Burke and many other foodie fan-favorites.

quicklist: 1title: Michael Mina – Bourbon Steak, Michael Mina restaurants, PABU, Pub 1842 (opening June 18)text: "Chicken Shawarma reminds me of my father. He never cooked in the house, but he loved to barbecue. My mom would make fresh pocket bread and we'd make sandwiches with the chicken. It was funny because my father would always burn the chicken on the outside, but it would still be raw in the middle so we'd finish it in the oven. That was my first exposure to grilling something and finishing in the oven! I now make this dish with my own boys – it's a really great Mina tradition (minus the burning/raw part of course)."media: 19405308

quicklist: 2title: Frankie Pellegrino – Rao's at Caesars Palace, Rao's Specialty Foodstext: "Frank Sr. and myself celebrate Father's Day by cooking! Traditionally, we barbecue for family and friends at my parents' home in Southampton, New York. Underscoring is the most important tradition of this day, celebrated by all fathers: our love, appreciation and gratitude for families and friends.

"Last year, some cherry tomatoes and artichokes caught my eye. Frank Sr.'s attention was diverted to a pork loin at the butcher's shop along with a desire for some ribs, which we tied/trussed together with the loin of pork. These little diversions ultimately formed a delectable meal, enjoyed by all."media: 19405360

quicklist: 3title:Kerry Simon -- KGB: Kerry's Gourmet Burgers at Harrah's Las Vegastext: "Growing up, my father would barbeque on Father's day hot dogs, burgers… and the buns on the grill as well. Simple … except one time, I recall the fire department showing up." media: 19405223

quicklist: 4title:Daniel Boulud -- db Bistro Moderne Miamitext: "My daughter Alix and I always celebrate with a meal, and usually we want to eat together first thing, so we do breakfast. She doesn't cook for me-- we usually go out or I host her, but it is quality time that we are together. She loves good caviar, so we would usually have that for her, but also because I think I deserve it too!"media: 19405433

quicklist: 5title:Greg Sherry – Old Homestead Steakhousetext: "For me, Father's Day is about family time and great food. I get no greater pleasure than having my daughters and their own families over to the house with me manning the grill for a barbecue, which has become an annual tradition in the Sherry household. I know it's my day, but cooking relaxes me.

"Being in the business of operating three steakhouse (in Vegas, NYC and Atlantic City), I guess it would be sacrilegious if beef wasn't my favorite Father's Day meal! It's a tradition every Father's Day for me to grill what my family likes to describe as a side of beef -- gorgeous two-and-a-half-inch-thick USDA Prime dry aged porterhouse steaks. I whip up a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, and my wife prepares a spinach salad, corn-on-the-cob, and green beans sautéed in garlic and oil. That's my perfect Father's Day meal!

"After we eat, one of our family traditions is sitting around the pool looking at photo albums of the past and reminiscing."media: 19405339

quicklist: 6title:Bryan and Bradley Ogden – Ogden's Hops & Harvest, Bradley's Fine Dinertext: "Typically, my dad and I are in the restaurant making sure everything goes smoothly for all of those celebrating Father's Day with their families. It's been a tradition of ours to sit down after service and share a bite of his signature butterscotch pudding together like he did with his father on Father's Day. We share a few laughs and then wrap up another great day in the restaurant." -- Bryan Ogdenmedia: 19405181

quicklist: 7title:David Burke – David Burke Kitchen, Fishtail, Primetext: "This Father's Day I am in Aspen for the food and wine festival with my son Connor – I am very excited as our schedules are always busy and we find little time to spend travel days together. If I am not working or traveling during Father's Day, I typically have brunch at David Burke Fromagerie with my father and two boys. My must-have Father's Day dishes are dry aged beef, lobster ggg Benedicts, BBQ beef ribs and pastrami salmon."media: 19405202

quicklist: 8title:Francois Payard -- Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro text: "Father's Day in France is a little different than in America. It's always a laid-back day where you spend time with the family. My dad is the gadget man so our gifts are typically drills or some new tool. Sometimes we'll splurge and also buy him a bottle of Scotch."media:

quicklist:9title:Dean Fearing – Fearing's Restauranttext: "I love spending Father's Day with my two sons, especially when they do the cooking for me, and I get to take a break. Very often they'll make pancakes or other recipes from their great-grandmothers, including Granny Fearing's paper-bag-shook fried chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes with tomato gravy. We all love this recipe, and I serve it at Fearing's as well. Honestly, there's nothing more inspiring for me than sharing a beloved family dish and then catching a weekly movie with my boys."media: 19405212

quicklist: 10title:Michel Richard – Central & a TBA fine-dining venue at New York Palacetext: "For my Father's Day wish, I'd like my wife and I to relax, while all the kids cook dinner for us. We will eat so much!"

(Editor's note: As the only chef on this list to currently operate a 24-hour venue – Central Michel Richard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas -- Michel certainly deserves his day of rest.)media: 19405262