What Flying on an Airplane Used to Be Like

Think real glasses, silverware and -- gasp -- legroom!

— -- Remember when flying was fun?

In a week that saw three planes diverted because of passenger disputes over reclining seats, you probably don't. But before seats shrank, legroom all but disappeared and endless security lines inflicted panic, taking a flight was an adventure -- a fun one.

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In case you don't believe us, these photos are proof:

Are those satin robes? And smiles? These sisters look like they're having a blast on a flight from New York to London in 1952.

This is what first-class used to look like.

It's hard to believe there was ever that much legroom on a commercial plane. This photo was taken in the 1950s.

Take note, everyone. There are no screaming, punching or crying passengers to be seen.

Also noticeably absent? Tablets, smartphones, headphones and portable game devices. This photo was taken about half a century ago, when people quietly read newspapers and books on airplanes.

Wait a minute -- is that real silverware? In the 1950s, passengers were treated to actual forks, knives and glasses for dinner and cocktails. Today, we're lucky if we get peanuts.