Do Flying Pasties Shield Private Parts from TSA?

A new product offers travelers a service and a way to protest.

July 29, 2010— -- Don't like the thought of the Transportation Security Administration scanning your naked body for explosives? Fear not: a Las Vegas man has created a product called Flying Pasties that he says will hide your private parts from the TSA's new full-body scanners.

But before you rush off to buy what sounds more like a gag gift than a traveler's essential, consider this: placing the pasties on your body might actually invite more scrutiny by the TSA.

"For security reasons we cannot provide specifics on the detection capability of our technologies; however, any item that appears to be an anomaly during advanced imaging technology screening will require additional screening," TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz told ABC News.

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The manufacturer says the products are designed to let passengers "retain their self dignity" when flying.

Flying Pasties can be applied two ways: against private areas inside a bra and briefs. Or, with an included adhesive hook (inside or outside the clothing).

The pasties seem more tongue-in-cheek than serious privacy blocker. Each comes with a slogan or symbol of protest. One design says: "Only My Husband Sees Me Naked."

The male version -- just one pastie -- costs $9.99 and the female version -- three pasties -- costs $16.99

"The buyers of our product will tend to be citizens who are aware that giving up any amount of freedom in exchange for a sense of security simply means that you will receive neither," the company says. "Until now, citizens haven't had a proper way to voice their displeasure over the intrusive nature of airport scanners."