SMiles! Hotel Creates Photo Ambassador Job to Take Guest Pics

A man, who wants nothing more than to take your photo. His name is SMiles.

— -- Picture it: The sun is setting over your luxury beach resort. You and your partner want to capture this precious moment of your love (or at least brag on Instagram). You hold your arm out for an usie, but you can't quite get what you're going for. You look around for a fellow guest to take your photo, but they too, are also trying to get the perfect photo to stick it to their "friends" on Facebook. You don't dare interrupt.

And then he appears. A man, who wants nothing more then to take your photo. His name is Smiles. No really, that's his name.

Is this a dream? What's happening here?

You are at the Four Seasons Resort in Maui and have been spotted by the hotel's new Photo Ambassador.

Scott Miles, or SMiles, as he's called, was previously a resort security guard with a passion for photography. He often offered to take photos of guests just to be nice. It occurred to him the hotel could use a Photo Ambassador, and persuaded the management to create the position.

“When I started at Four Seasons Resort Maui, it wasn't in my job description, and now it IS my job description. I guess I was born for this,” said Miles.

When SMiles approaches, guests are at first surprised, the resort said, but they quickly warm up to the idea. "He is usually asked to wait a moment so guests can gather, get in place and stage the photograph they really want. Scott takes the time for each guest to look through the shots and he makes sure they are happy with the end product."

Often, excited guests post their pictures and comments immediately via social media."

Now the resort's happy, Miles is happy and the guests are happy. Call it a win-win-win.