Steven Slater Raps in Endorsement Deal

The former JetBlue flight attendant is now shilling for a texting app.

Nov. 18, 2010— -- Former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater became an overnight hero to working people when he quit his job by grabbing a beer and deploying his plane's emergency chute.

These days, though, he's rapping about an iPhone application.

Forget those lucrative endorsements that other overnight celebrities get. It seems Slater could only secure a gig as the spokesman for a service that lets passengers use an airplane's Wi-Fi network to send text messages.

Specfically, he raps about a "Mile High Text Club" contest by Toktumi, the company behind the Line2 app. Travelers are to submit their craziest flight stories, and Slater will be one of the judges. The prizes range from a shopping trip to New York to free use of the Line2 service.

"After talking with Steven, I realized that despite his dramatic approach -- which he regrets -- he was making a statement about the need to return civility and common courtesy to flying," Toktumi CEO Peter Sisson said in a statement. "He's a perfect judge for a contest concerning the current state of air travel." He was a flight attendant for 20 years, and both his parents had long careers in the airline business."

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So what does Slater actually say in the 72-second rap? For those of you who are really curious, here's the entire text:

"My name is Steven Slater and I'm no longer blue. Now don't be a hater 'cause you never flew 500,000 miles in a little tin can, maintaining forced smiles for the unpleasant man. A steamer trunk squeezed into the overhead compartment, were room for that crap I'd make it my apartment. Now I'm pimping Line2 and the killer app it is. My legal fees are paid by the dotcom biz. If you've got an iPhone or an iPod Touch, Line2 is going to help you out oh so much. Come to then you're going to know that Line2 is the bomb. Climb into the cockpit and throw all the switches. Now you're using Line2. I'm Steven Slater b**ches."