Labor Day Travel and Traffic: Worst Speed Traps in America

A motorist group has compiled a list of the towns with the most speed traps.

ByABC News
September 2, 2010, 2:54 PM

Sept. 3, 2010— -- As Americans head to the roads this Labor Day weekend, many are going to get speeding tickets. While we're not suggesting that anybody should drive faster than the speed limit, we are realistic and know that you are likely to hit that gas pedal in an effort to beat the crowds to the beach, amusement park, barbecue or family picnic.

So in honor of this holiday weekend, we provide a list of each state's worst speed traps, and tips for avoiding those holiday-dampening tickets.

"There are certainly people who get tickets on the interstate system, but by and large where we think most of the revenue-oriented traffic enforcement is going on is more likely on the secondary suburban and rural roads," said Jim Baxter, president of the National Motorists Association, a group that believes that drivers are "ignored and exploited by federal, state and local governments."

"You find that many times in areas where you're least expecting it, where there doesn't seem a need for particularly low speed limits or there's little roadside development and also good hiding places," Baxter added.

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This Labor Day weekend is likely to see more tickets issued than in the the past. According to the AAA, the number of people venturing forth this holiday weekend will jump 9.9 percent over last year, with 34.4 million travelers heading at least 50 miles from home. Most -- 91 percent -- will be traveling by car. (In case you were wondering, gas is now averaging $ 2.68 a gallon, according to the government, up 7 cents from this time last year.)