Man Tries to X-Ray Cat at Airport Security in Los Angeles

Airport security would have been an optimal time to let the cat out of the bag.

— -- Airport security would have been the optimal spot to let this particular cat of the bag.


"The passenger put the bag and cat through one of the TSA X-ray machines at passenger security screening," the TSA said. The cat was discovered by the TSA officer looking at the X-ray machine monitor. The cat was apparently not harmed."

According to people who claim to have witnessed the event, chaos ensued when the agent discovered the cat in the bag.

Sara Benincasa, a comedian and author from Brooklyn, tweeted:

Comedians Randy and Jason Sklar also got in on the tweeting.

According to the TSA, people trying to X-ray their animals is "not an unusual occurrence." The official TSA Blog reads: "We do not X-ray pets. However, there have been many occasions where passengers have assumed their pet needed to go through the X-ray. You can imagine the surprise of the X-ray operator when they see Fluffy’s skeleton roll across their monitor."

Cue the screaming.

The right way to bring your pet through security? Take the pet out of its carrier. Walk it through the metal detector, either in your arms or on a leash.