Resolution-Worthy Travel Adventures for 2014

From a marathon in Bhutan to a Cousteau island retreat.

ByABC News
January 6, 2014, 11:09 AM
Get fit in the mountains of Bhutan.
Get fit in the mountains of Bhutan.
COMO Hotels & Resorts

Jan. 6, 2013— -- intro: In 2014, we're resolving to make New Year's resolutions less of a chore checklist and more of a Choose Your Own Adventure. Marathon in Bhutan, scuba at the Cousteau island retreat and meditate on a mountaintop. After all, they say self-improvement is all about the journey.

quicklist: 1title: Vineyard Vinyasas -- Sonoma Wine Countrytext: Hotel Healdsburg's Winter Warming specials focus on wellness with a side order of Sonoma good life. Have your sparkling wine and then get your skin rejuvenated with a Wine & Honey spa treatment, work out in the vineyard or take an "inspirational cooking" class. This is meant to be a quick trip – package rates valid for one- to three-night 21434080

quicklist: 2title: Satori Wellness Retreats – Scottsdale, Ariz.text: The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain has a four-day "wellness journey" that includes a consultation with a nutritionist, a one-hour personal training session, two spa treatments and unlimited movement studio classes. Guests depart with a custom-tailored fitness program, journal and healthy recipes 21433657

quicklist: 3title: Detox/Cleanse -- San Juan Islands, Wash.text: Cleanse With Evolution Juice, get massages, detox and retreat at Lakedale Resort in Three Lakes. It's a green and serene getaway in the Pacific Northwest archipelago. Temperatures may be a tad chilly, but if natural beauty and Arcadia-Zen comforts don't make up for it, then bring your pup! The place is 21434213

quicklist: 4title: Become Strong and Sexy – Paradisus Playa del Carmen, Mexicotext: With Paradisus Resorts' Life Enriching Activities program, all sorts of lessons are included in the all-inclusive rate. They vary by property, but in Playa del Carmen, the enrichment courses include tango lessons and pole-dancing classes. Mellower activities include flower arrangement and 21433782

quicklist: 5title: Ballroom on the Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Fla.text: The Sunshine State's booming tourism economy is evidenced by new and entrepreneurial vacation offerings such as Florida Dance Vacations, which is an offshoot of Fort Lauderdale's Beach Vacation Rentals. Visitors create their own beach-dance vacation itinerary, booking accommodations, ballroom classes and evening events from a list of participating venues and instructors. For retirees with time for an extended vacation and an interest in the ballroom community, this is a great way to experience south 21433891

quicklist: 6title: Wine Education by Osmosis -- Carmel, Calif. text: It's expected that if you do a wine tasting tour of Northern California, you'll make at least a passing effort to learn something about local wine. But Vendange Carmel Inn makes it incredibly easy to school yourself on at least one local winery as well as its associated vineyards, grape varietals and bottle art: Thirteen local wineries sponsor individual suites at the boutique hotel, and each of them provides winery-themed decor. Check out the wall art – or the bathrobes – to get the backstory before you 21433486

quicklist: 7title: Yoga on the Beach – Dominicatext: Verdant and volcanic rather than golden-sanded and flat, Dominica is a different scene altogether than the stereotypical Caribbean island. At eco-luxury property Rosalie Bay Resort, guests take the rain forest route to wellness, with beach yoga in the serene morning light, seaweed wraps and mud baths, hot springs dips, and clean eating featuring locally farmed 21433729

quicklist: 8title: Scuba Certification in Fijitext: Renowned for its undersea life and crystalline waters, Fiji is a dream destination for a scuba diver. If you've been mustering your courage for a maiden voyage undersea, there's no better place than Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. After all, legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau basically invented scuba circa-WWII, and his son's resort boasts not only the best equipment and instructors but access to secret dive sites. From Jan. 6 to March 31, stay six nights for the price of four. Get Scuba-certified in three days, and spend the rest of your vacation exploring the secret 21433567

quicklist: 9title: Resort-Hop in Bhutan, and Run a Marathontext: Now that it's relaxed its tourism policies, the Kingdom of Bhutan is on the bucket list for every wellness-minded traveler. For the inaugural Bhutan International Marathon (scheduled for Feb. 23, 2014), Como Hotels and Resorts has put together a nine-night, two-resort Uma Adventure package (Feb. 19 to 28). Specifically designed for marathon runners, it includes training sessions, daily yoga, massage and nutritionist-planned meals. Guests will divide their overnights between Uma Paro and Uma Punakha. If you can't make the marathon, don't worry. Bhutan's incredible scenic vistas and holistic experiences are 21433433