Social Media Travel Assistants Latest Offering for Luxury Vacations

There's nothing more annoying than interrupting your vacation to post a selfie.

ByABC News
September 16, 2014, 12:39 PM
Bruvion Travel's new "Selfie-Less Travel" package will send a social media assistant on your vacation to document every moment of your trip.
Bruvion Travel's new "Selfie-Less Travel" package will send a social media assistant on your vacation to document every moment of your trip.
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— -- Think of it as the next iteration of the family vacation paparazzi.

For the rich, vacations with one travel company can now be booked complete with social media assistants. This person not only takes the photos, but makes sure you and your travel party appear in the most flattering angles and light. They make sure your moments are captured at the most spectacular spots your vacation destination has to offer. And then they post your photos to Instagram, Facebook and wherever else you like so you don't miss a moment.

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Bruvion Travel, a high-end luxury travel company that boasts a list of celebs among its clients, just launched the "Selfie-less Travel" package where clients -- celeb or not -- can opt for a 24/7 social media assistant to tag along on their trip.

Now, Bruvion Travel Partner Jason Couvillion said, "No one has to bury their head in the phone to post on social media, they won't be distracted from their trip." The company said the new package takes the "grunt work" out of social media.

The 24/7 social media assistant costs $500 per day plus all travel expenses. This person will "keep clients engaged in every aspect of their vacation from the first-class champagne toast to iconic landmark photos," with a focus on "capturing and documenting every aspect of the travelers vacation, edit photos and share those memories over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not just a social media expert, all 24/7 Assistants are well versed in both photography and photo editing to make sure clients look their absolute best in their posts."

Which means no more lengthy retakes and approval process among friends before posting and tagging.

The social media assistant should never be intrusive, Couvillion said. "They will be in the background until the client no longer wants them to be. Ideally the client will meet the assistant prior to the trip to make sure it's a good fit. And if it's not, we'll find them someone else."

For travelers who may just want one city or aspect of their trip documented, "local social media gurus" are also available for $250 per day plus daily expenses. "Based in the destination of the traveler, this vetted local Guru will spend the day capturing and sharing memories," the company said. "Not only will they follow clients around throughout the day, they will ensure the client is hitting the right spots and at the right times."