Monopoly takes over the world

The 22 winning cities in the first global edition of Monopoly, as selected by 5.6 million online voters, were announced this week. Occupying the ritzy Boardwalk space: Montreal. And next door on Park Place: Riga, Latvia.

Voters chose from a list of 68 countries with the top vote-getters occupying the higher-rent spaces. Voters also could write in candidates for the down-market Baltic and Mediterranean spots. The winners: Taipei, Taiwan, and Gdynia, Poland. Other cities that passed Go: Cape Town, South Africa; Belgrade, Serbia; and Paris (green squares); Jerusalem, Hong Kong and Beijing (yellow); London, New York and Sydney (red); Vancouver, Canada; Shanghai and Rome (orange); Toronto; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Istanbul (magenta); Athens, Barcelona and Tokyo (light blue). In stores next week, the game is in 37 languages and will be marketed in 50 countries.