Install yourself in NYC's Guggenheim

— -- A hotel room that's part of an exhibit opening today at New York's Guggenheim Museum actually will check in guests.

Carsten Höller's Revolving Hotel Room, which contains a double bed and some furnishings, is being rented out after museum closing hours, starting at $259 nightly. During their night at the museum, "guests" can sleep in the bed, peruse other artworks and use the bathroom in the Guggenheim's executive office area.

Can couples do what they'd do in a real hotel?

"We have no rules, and (security) cameras are not pointed at the bed," says Claire Laporte, a Guggenheim spokeswoman. "But there are guards. It might be awkward."

Museum-goers shouldn't expect to see guests in the room, since check-in isn't till after closing and checkout is before opening hours.

Sorry, there's no vacancy: The room is sold out till theanyspacewhatever exhibit's Jan. 7 closing.