'The Sea is Too Loud' and Other Strange Cruise Passenger Complaints

PHOTO: UK-based cruise agent Bon Voyage compiled a list of the funniest complaints theyve received from customers in the past year.Getty Images
UK-based cruise agent Bon Voyage compiled a list of the funniest complaints they've received from customers in the past year.

Cruisers say the darndest things. At least, according to UK-based cruise agent Bon Voyage they do. The company has compiled a list of the oddest complaints they've received from customers in the last year, ranging from the sea being too loud to the lack of celebrities on Celebrity Cruise Line.

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Speaking of celebrities, one passenger demanded an explanation why Gary Barlow -- a British singer-songwriter -- was not on her cruise despite the fact she had heard he "was once on the same cruise she had ventured on."

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"The vast majority of feedback we get from our holidaymakers is hugely positive, usually telling us what a great time they had, but from time to time we come across a few quirky complaints that we can do little to help," said Steph Curtin, cruise development manager of bonvoyage.co.uk. "Whilst we always make sure we go back to every complaint, I'm afraid we can't be held responsible for the sea being too loud or the lack of celebrities on board; as much as we wish we could put Gary Barlow on every cruise!"

A few more of the funniest complaints:

-- A couple on a Mediterranean cruise complained to the bonvoyage.co.uk team about their captain being "rude" and failing to comply with their plans. Apparently, the couple had left a note for the captain in the morning to let him know they would be returning on-board two hours later than the planned departure time due to having "too much to do in-port." The captain departed on-time without waiting for them. The couple then had to catch the ship at another port the day after, and wanted compensation for their accrued travel costs.

-- A man who voyaged on a summer cruise around Alaska complained that the weather wasn't as warm as he expected, stating that he expected to be able to "swim in the swimming pool each day" and "get an impressive tan." He stated that "all cruises are meant to be hot" and so sought compensation for having to buy warmer clothing as he "had only packed minimal clothing for the expected hot weather."

-- An elderly couple who went on a cruise around France and Spain asked for a refund because the team on board did not provide them with a packed lunch each day after docking in-port to take with them when leaving the ship. Apparently, this should have been provided, despite no discussion of this as an option ever taking place.

-- A couple from Yorkshire contacted bonvoyage.co.uk to complain about the kindness of the staff on board a cruise they ventured on in October, explaining that they had to spend "a lot more money than planned in tips" due to the excellent service. The couple sought compensation for the cost of the tips given out.

-- One woman expressed her disappointment with her inside cabin not having a window to the sea. Furthermore, she expressed her frustration as she claimed 'nobody' on board was able to install a window for her so she could enjoy the view, and expected "better service next time."