Time to Get Those Holiday Flight Tickets

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Did you know Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away?

That's right: Nov. 25 is fast approaching and there's no time to spare.

Procrastinators are not expected to find any last-minute flight deals, and we're expecting prices for holiday travel to rise as much as 17 percent to 18 percent higher than last year.

People who avoided holiday flying last year have signaled their willingness to return. The airlines know this and are pricing flights accordingly.

You must act now.

The FareCompare Thanksgiving Flight Finder can help those who haven't purchased a ticket yet shop by day and price.

But even at this late date, there are still ways to save.

Take a look at these FareCompare holiday flight tips:

Be as flexible in your travel plans as possible

Check out an airline surcharge chart, and try to fly on the days without surcharges, or days with the lowest surcharges.

Fly during the cheapest time of day. An overnight flight will typically cost less than a 9 am flight, and it's also generally cheaper to catch a plane at dawn.

Choose a cheaper airport - typically a hub or one at a larger city near you

Consider connecting flights and compare prices with nonstops

Carry-on your bags to avoid bag fees or fly JetBlue or Southwest for free checked-bags

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