6 Cruise Tips for First-Timers

Save money and time on your first big-ship vacation.

ByABC News
April 26, 2010, 12:24 PM

May 11, 2010— -- Congratulations on booking your first cruise. If you're looking for some advice and tips that'll make the experience that much better, who's more qualified but first-time cruise travelers who've just returned from his or her first voyage?

What they didn't know -- and learned about the hard way related to packing, cocktails, ports and dining are all things you should know. But just as valuable are the insights offered by the long-time cruiser, a grizzled ocean vet who knows the decks bow to stern. We've gathered top tips from both parties -- three from first-timers and three from stalwart sea-goers.

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Pre-Cruise Studies: Don't Be Left for Lost in Port

On a cruise, everything you'll need -- food, fun, cabins, ports -- is neatly arranged. Your only job is to fork over the credit card, right? Well, not exactly. Andy, an experienced cruiser, cautioned about "cruising blind," especially when it comes to the destination. Said Andy: "Read as much as you possibly can before your cruise ... otherwise you might end up in a decent-sized port [especially in Europe], overwhelmed and without the slightest clue of what to do for the next eight hours." In terms of port info, lines rarely go beyond handing out a map of the town jewelry stores (with which they have special business agreements). So with limited time in port, it pays to hit the books before you go. And even if you've booked an excursion, after that three-hour snorkel trip, you might find yourself with several hours to kill.

Don't Tip Double on Beer -- Remember, There's Auto-Gratuity!

Bruce, "a former Navy guy who can't swim," learned this on his first cruise with wife Cindy, a honeymoon trip for the Sarasota-based couple: "You're already automatically paying gratuities when you buy a drink at the bar. Now I don't mind tipping ... but I was handing out an extra dollar for drinks without even knowing it!"

Indeed, most big-ship lines -- Carnival, Royal Caribbean, NCL and others -- automatically tack on a 15 percent service charge to bar bills. Unless the service was spectacular, there's no need to add another tip on top. Learn more about gratuities in our Cruise Line Tipping Policies.

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