America's Most Congested Highways

These roads and bottleneck intersections drive commuters crazy each day.

ByABC News
February 24, 2010, 4:32 PM

Feb. 25, 2010— -- Drivers trying to get through the New York City area might want to rethink their routes or take public transportation: five of the country's worst 10 highway interchanges are in the Big Apple.

And most of those are along the 8.3-mile-long Cross Bronx Expressway, a narrow highway blasted through dense bedrock that takes Interstate 95 across the northern part of the city.

Chicago-area residents may also want to leave their cars at home. The Dan Ryan Expressway, which cuts through the city's South Side, has five of the top 25 worst interchanges in the country, according to a new study by INRIX, a firm that provides real-time traffic and navigation services to private companies, government agencies and the public. (INRIX recently launched an iPhone application that gives drivers real-time traffic information.)

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The Cross Bronx, Dan Ryan and other roads around the country might have been built as superhighways, but today, they often look like parking lots.

Traffic moves at an average of only 11.4 miles an hour, for instance, at the nation's worst interchange, where the Cross Bronx meets the Bronx River Parkway at exit 4B. Traffic is backed up at that spot a shocking 94 hours a week.

At number two, where the Dan Ryan meets Canalport Avenue and Cermark Road at Exit 53, traffic moves at an even slower 11.1 miles per hour during the 83 hours a week it is backed up.

For those who don't drive in New York or Chicago, don't fret -- there are plenty of traffic nightmares near you.

The sixth-worst spot in the country is at the southern end of Interstate 91 in New Haven, Conn., says INRIX. The seventh-worst is an intersection on the Hollywood Freeway, Route 101, in Los Angeles near Los Angeles Street.