11-11-11 A Lucky Date?

"Anyone born on the 11th is here to master their life," a numerologist believes.

ByABC News
February 14, 2011, 11:18 AM

Feb. 14, 2011 — -- Talk about good timing. It's Valentine's Day and, as luck would have it, couples looking to have an 11-11-11 baby should get started tonight.

Any baby conceived right around Feb. 18 has a good chance of being born on 11-11-11 according to Dr. Samuel Pang, medical director at the Reproductive Science Center of New England.

The time from the date of conception to the expected date of delivery is usually 38 weeks. But, fair warning, that can vary by one to two weeks before or after the expected due date.

"They can certainly try to time when they get pregnant but the variable is when the woman is ovulating and once you become pregnant there are so many other variables, the exact date is really up to Mother Nature," said Pang.

While things might ultimately be up to Mother Nature that hasn't stopped couples from doing everything they can to have a baby with a memorable birth date.

On Babycenter.com one mom wrote about planning to "time everything right" and that included having a Caesarean section on Nov. 11.

Why all the fuss about this particular date? Numerologists think they have the key.

"There's no way a child born on that day will not be significant. ... It's that cool of a date," said Glynis McCants, a numerologist who has studied numbers for over 20 years and runs the website Numberslady.com.

"Anyone born on the 11th is here to master their life," McCants said. "It's a master number that encourages intelligence."

But that's not all. Numerologists believe that each number has a trait and a "vibration" attached to it. So, you take the number by itself and then you also break down each two-digit number into a single digit. In this case, you add one plus one to get two and two in numerology equals love.

Then you take the month and the day and reduce those to single digits as well to get four.

A four, according to McCants, is someone who seeks knowledge. Finally, when you add all the numbers together, including the year 2011, you get eight and "eights love the finer things in life."