16-Month-Old Has Egg-cellent Cooking Skills

If you have ever bitten down on an egg shell in your baked goods or spilled yolks into your egg whites, a video of a New Jersey toddler in the kitchen may make you feel even more inferior.

The video shows 16-month Anna Quarella perfectly cracking an egg on her first-ever try.

“We were baking cookies in the kitchen and wanted to get her involved so we gave her a little bowl of chocolate chips to eat and play with,” Anna’s mom, Ashley Quarella, told ABC News.

When Anna, decked out in a chef’s apron and hat, started reaching for the eggs on the counter, her parents gave one to her to try.

“We both thought she was going to make a mess, which would have been fine,” Quarella said of her and her husband, Tony. "But she took the egg and completely shocked us by cracking it and putting it perfectly in the bowl.”

Quarella says that Anna is frequently in the kitchen while the couple cooks and also watches her dad make scrambled eggs nearly every morning.

Still in some disbelief, Anna’s parents put her back in the kitchen for another test of her egg-cracking skills.

“We tried it out again last night and she definitely knows how to crack an egg,” Quarella said of her first child. “She was walking at eight months so everything she does is pretty ahead of schedule.