1st mass shooting of the year leaves 4 family members dead, boy arrested

This was the first homicide in Grantsville, Utah, in 20 years.

Residents in the town of Grantsville, Utah, are still searching for answers as to why a young boy allegedly killed four of his family members inside their home.

Police Cpl. Rhonda Fields announced on Monday the names of the four victims of the Haynie family who were allegedly shot and killed by their juvenile relative.

The alleged shooter's mother 52-year-old Consuelo Alejandra Haynie, 15-year-old Alexis, 14-year-old Matthew, and 12-year-old Maylan were found dead around 7 p.m. on Friday in 93 Eastmoor East. The patriarch of the family, 50-year-old Colin Haynie, was injured during the mayhem, but survived.

Fields said the suspect's name, age or exact relationship he has with the family are not being released until he is formally charged by prosecutors.

The quadruple homicide is the first homicide "of this magnitude" in the town -- population 11,568, according to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau -- in almost 20 years, Fields said. It is also the first mass shooting of the year, according to the FBI's definition where three or more people -- not including the shooter -- were killed.

"The biggest question for everyone here is why," said Fields about the ongoing investigation.

The suspect was taken into custody without incident and refused to speak to police.

"Almost everyone knows everyone in this community ... multiple schools and hundreds of children are effected," said Fields. "It's been a huge incident for us to be a part of."

Two fundraisers have been launched to "help give financial relief for the family" as well as an online effort launched by Danny Haynie -- a relative of the victims -- to raise money for funeral and medical expenses.

The online fundraiser accumulated over $88,000 of the $90,000 goal as of Tuesday afternoon.

Dozens of members of the community gathered on Monday night for a candlelight vigil for the slain family members.

"My heart goes out to that poor young man who was in such a dark place," said family friend Diane Passey at the vigil. "Some people have said he was lonely and needed a friend and to be loved. This may be an experience for all of us to learn from and to just be a little kinder."

The young suspect is pending arraignment on charges of four counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted aggravated murder and multiple felony counts of discharging a firearm. It's unclear who owned the murder weapon, said Fields.

"It is an active investigation, more details will be released at a later date," said Fields who also relayed that Colin Haynie requests privacy.

Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall said services, resources and grief counselors will be provided for the community for the rest of the week.