Over 200 'Very Blessed' Indiana Residents Forced Into Shelters After Tornado Tears Through Town

About 10 to 15 minor injuries were reported.

— -- The mayor of Kokomo, Indiana, said this morning he's "very grateful" after no deaths or serious injuries were reported from a devastating storm and tornado that hit the town Wednesday, flattening buildings and damaging homes.

About 10 to 15 minor injuries were reported, Howard County Sheriff Steven Rogers said, adding that the community was "very blessed" that there were no fatalities.

The storm in Kokomo, about 50 miles north of Indianapolis, piled cars on top of one another and even flattened a Starbucks, where people hid in the coffee shop's bathroom. The tornado reached peak winds of 152 miles per hour.

And Kokomo wasn't the only town hit. At least six tornadoes were confirmed throughout the state Wednesday.

The devastation in Kokomo has forced 220 people to be temporarily placed in shelters, many of whom lived in several large apartment complexes that were heavily damaged, Mayor Greg Goodnight said this morning.

Tens of thousands of people were left without power, and Goodnight said a major focus now is working on repairing damaged lines and restoring power.

A tornado took a similar path through this stretch of Kokomo in 2013, officials said.

GOP vice presidential nominee and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence this morning commended the residents of Kokomo, who were "in front yards helping neighbors, and in many cases, helping complete strangers put their lives back together," he said.

He also recognized residents' "quick thinking" and the "good early warning system" in place for the lack of deaths or serious injuries.

As the town looks to rebuild, Pence said about 50 Indiana State troopers are on the ground to help, as well as Department of Corrections personnel. Pence said the state "will continue to work very closely with the mayor and with our federal partners to help this community rebuild."

ABC News' Alex Perez, Max Golembo and Melissa Griffin contributed to this report.