Julia Roberts' Sister Claims Star Bullied Her Over Weight; Cool Video of F-35 Landing

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Julia Roberts' Sister Says She Bullied Her Into Weight-Loss Surgery
PHOTO: Julia Roberts
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Julia Robert's younger sister says the "Pretty Woman" star made her so self-conscious about being overweight she underwent the surgery.

Nancy Motes, 37, and Roberts youngest sibling, told the Daily Mail the actress had regularly mocked her weight since she was a teenager. The story was first reported in the New York Daily News Aug. 21.

"When I was in high school and she was an adult, she would just let me know that I was definitely overweight. She would make it quite clear to me and in a not so nice manner," said Motes, who at her heaviest weighed nearly 300 pounds.

Representatives for Roberts did not immediately return calls for comment.

Video of F-35 Superjet Looks Like a Video Game
PHOTO: F-35 Fighter Jet
U.S. Navy/Lockheed Martin/Getty Images

Say what you want about the F-35, the military's up-and-coming fighter jet that has become synonymous with government overspending, then check out this awesome video of the plane landing vertically. On an aircraft carrier. At night.

Lockheed Martin, the jet's manufacturer, released the video without sound so do yourself a favor and cue up the Airwolf theme music here and then watch the video.

The F-35, known to some as the Lightening II and to others as "acquisition malpractice," is expected to cost the government $1 trillion. But, it's pretty awesome. The stealth plane can carry an array of weapons, fly up to 1,300 miles per hour and then basically stop on a dime in midair and land vertically on a moving aircraft carrier.

Taylor Swift's Latest Jam. Get It?
PHOTO: Taylor Swift
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Remember like a million years ago when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMA's?

Taylor Swift remembers, and it's inspired her latest jam. Literally. We're talking about jam, like jelly.

Swift made a pot of homemade jam to give to tourmate Ed Sheeran. On the label, was a paean to the infamous interruption in 2009. "Yo Ed," Swift wrote on the pot's label before quoting Kanye. "I'm really happy 4 you and I'm gonna let u finish but this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME. —T" Sheeran photographed the jam and posted it on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner's Got Swag
PHOTO: Kylie Jenner posted this instagram image of herself getting a kiss from Drake after he performed at her Alice In Wonderland themed Sweet Sixteen Party, Aug. 17, 2013 in Los Angeles.

The only thing better than going to Kylie Jenner's sweet 16, was leaving Kylie Jenner's sweet 16.

Kylie, Kim Kardashian's other-other-other sister, celebrated her 16th birthday this weekend in exactly the way you'd expect. Hundreds of guests packed the AT&T Center in Los Angeles. Will Smith's kids were there and Drake performed.

But if you were lucky enough to score an invite then you made out like a bandit when you got the parting gift – a goodie bag containing $1,000 worth of swag. The items included iPod speakers, Kardashian brand makeup, 808 headphones and gift cards, according to TMZ.com

Once in a Full Sturgeon Moon
PHOTO: Blue Moon
Andy Clark/Reuters

You may have noticed Tuesday night's full moon, but might not have realized what you were looking at.

It was a blue moon, though not actually blue. But in this case it was also a full sturgeon moon, though not actually a fish. Full moons typically occur once a month or three times every season. Tuesday's full moon was both the second moon this month and the third of four full moons to occur this season.

That's why you say "once in a blue moon." It's also why everyone is searching it online.

PS4 Release Date Announced
PHOTO: Playstation 4 On Sale In November

Black Friday is coming early this year for gamers.

Sony announced it will be releasing its much-anticipated new system Play Station 4 on Nov. 15 in the U.S., just in time for the holidays.

The $399 system is expected to track the movements of a player's hands and face.

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