B-52 Bomber Loses Engine During Training Flight

An Air Force B-52 lost an engine during a training flight in North Dakota.

— -- A B-52 bomber on a training flight near Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota lost an engine midflight but was able to land safely with all its crew aboard, according to an Air Force spokesman.

The crew "declared an in-flight emergency when the pilot discovered that an engine departed the aircraft," according to an Air Force spokesman.

"There were no weapons on board, and it was a local training mission. The aircraft landed safely, with no injuries to the five personnel on board," the spokesman added.

The incident occurred midmorning on Wednesday, the same day that departing Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James was visiting the base as part of a farewell tour.

An Air Force helicopter sent to recover the lost part "located possible engine debris" in an unpopulated area about 25 nautical miles northeast of the base, Air Force officials said.

Officials said that there was no threat to public safety and that an investigation has been started.