Crime Blotter: Blue Clues Tie Man to Attempted Robbery, Police Say

ByABC News
January 22, 2002, 4:33 PM

Jan. 13, 2006 — -- An Alaska man allegedly paints himself blue but gets red in the face during a robbery attempt; a man is busted for allegedly breaking-and-eating; and a robbery suspect might wish he had carried $10,000 in a sack and not his sleeve. Are you feeling blue about your job, disillusioned? Don't resort to illegal activities, just read "The Crime Blotter."

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- What would Papa Smurf say?

Alaska police said a man painted his face blue and tried to rob a Super 8 motel. According to authorities, Daniel Peter Clark, 19, walked into the motel blue-faced on Jan. 4 and demanded money from the clerk. When the clerk refused, police said, Clark pulled a knife, prompting the motel employee to flee into an office and lock the door.

Empty-handed, the blue-faced, would-be thief ran away, police said. They believe he washed his face afterward.

However, it seems the human Smurf didn't wash thoroughly. The Super 8 motel clerk called police, and officers arrested Clark after they saw blue stains on his neck, ears and forehead. Authorities said they found a knife sheath and ink blotter commonly used in bingo parlors in the hotel room where he was staying.

Clark faces robbery and assault charges, and is being held on $3,000 bail.

ANDERSON, S.C. -- Curiosity may have killed the cat, but hunger nailed an alleged cat burglar.

Police said they arrested James Michael Fowler, 26, and charged him with burglary after he broke into an empty home and started making breakfast. A neighbor notified authorities after she checked on the home -- the owners were away -- and saw a pan of cocktail franks cooking on the stove with freshly made orange juice and a black stocking cap nearby.

Police didn't find Fowler in the house. After the neighbor noticed that the key to the patio door was not in the lock, investigators went to the patio and found Fowler lying on the deck.

Fowler, police said, had tried to get back in the house through the deck door and make his escape, but police had surrounded the area.

Maybe Fowler should have just settled for toast.

SHIRLEY, N.Y. -- Notice to wannabe robbers: If you steal thousands of dollars, have more than a sleeve to stash the stolen goods in.

John Howard, 36, caught the attention of police in Shirley on Jan. 10, when they noticed that he had a large bulge in his left shirt-sleeve and that he was behaving strangely. When they confronted Howard, police said, they found $10,203 in cash wrapped in a towel. Police said Howard also had crack cocaine and a BB gun.

After further investigation, authorities said, they linked Howard to the Jan. 9 robbery of a post office where $12,000 had been stolen. Witnesses said the robber entered the post office at 2:15 p.m., flashed a pistol and a note, and forced employees to empty their drawers and open the safe.

Howard faces both state and federal counts of first-degree robbery and possession of a controlled substance. In addition, police said Howard was involved in store robberies on Jan. 4 and Nov. 2, 2005.