Christian School Founder's Indecent Proposal

A school founder is caught on tape offering to waive fee in exchange for sex.

ByABC News
April 17, 2008, 11:42 AM

April 18, 2008— -- The founder of a Christian school in Texas was caught on tape offering to waive a teen's enrollment fee at the school in exchange for sex with her mother, an undercover investigation by ABC News' Houston station KTRK revealed this week.

KTRK investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino and his crew captured audio and video showing the unidentified woman climbing into the man's truck before he offers to waive the school's $300 enrollment fee for the woman's daughter if she has sex with him.

Just after the incident was filmed, Dolcefino approached LeVern Jordan, co-founder of Parkway Christian School in Spring, Texas, and asked what he was doing inside his pickup truck with the woman at the back end of a La Quinta Inn parking lot.

"Were you going there to get lucky?" Dolcefino asks the frazzled Christian educator.

"No, absolutely not," Jordan responds.

"You weren't going there for sex?" Dolcefino probes, giving Jordan one more chance to fess up to the sex proposition.

The woman, who is not identified by name in the tape or the TV station's story, originally approached Jordan and the Parkway Christian School because her 18-year-old daughter had not passed a Texas standardized test nor completed her credits necessary for graduating, she told Dolcefino. The enrollment fee, tuition payment and some coursework through the small school allows students to receive a high school diploma without passing the state test, according to information posted on the school's Web site.

"For the uh, enrollment fee and stuff like that, maybe you and I can do something, you think?" Jordan asks the woman in the video. "Do you have sexual relationships often anymore? Are you seeing a man now?"

"So you gonna wipe everything if me and you get together?" she asks, pressing him for details on the lewd proposition.

"Excuse me, and I don't mean to be so blunt, but I am talking about f--ing you," Jordan responds, adding that for $300, they could "get together several times."

The woman told KTRK that no more than 10 minutes passed during her discussion with Jordan before he offered the exchange and if she were willing, he was ready to start cashing in on the spot.