Aaron Hernandez Legal Case Grows Larger

Hernandez's maids said guns were stashed around the house.

ByABC News
September 29, 2013, 8:22 AM

BOSTON Sept. 29, 2013— -- A flurry of court activity surrounding the murder case of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez this past week provided a portrait of a man who was surrounded by guns and had a ruthless approach to friendship.

The growing criminal case has resulted in the arrest of four other people so far revolving around the murder of Odin Loyd, a former semi-professional football player who had once been Hernandez's friend.

In a burst of legal activity this past week, prosecutors indicted Hernandez's girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins, 24, for perjury in relation to Loyd's murder.

Hernandez's cousin Tanya Singleton was indicted on a new charge of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact. She had been indicted earlier on a charge of criminal contempt after allegedly refusing to testify before the grand jury hearing evidence in the case.

Another Hernandez associate, Carlos Ortiz, was also indicted Friday in relation to Loyd's killing.

In addition there was a bail hearing his week for Ernest Wallace, 41, who is accused along with Hernandez of taking part in killing Loyd.

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The court documents and testimony surrounding these motions hint at a menacing atmosphere in the time before Hernandez plunged from NFL stardom and a Massachusetts mansion to a cell in the Bristol County Correctional Center.

Maids who cleaned the million-dollar mansion told investigators that they frequently saw firearms being stashed in the former Patriots tight end's North Attleborough home, prosecutors told the court at Wallace's bail hearing.

One of those guns was stashed between the mattress and box spring Wallace slept in the Hernandez home, Assistant Bristol County District Attorney Patrick Bomberg told the court.

Hernandez nicknamed Wallace "Hobo" because he was homeless and unemployed, prosecutors said, but he nevertheless became Hernandez's constant companion in February.

Wallace became Hernandez's right hand man when "his former right hand man was shot,'' Bomberg said.

That "former right hand man" was identified as Alexander Bradley. Bradley has filed a civil suit claiming Hernandez shot him in the face following an argument at a Miami strip club in February.

"He was shot in the face and kicked out of the car,'' Bomberg told the court, and replaced by Wallace.

ABC News has learned that a judge issued an arrest warrant for Bradley when he failed to show up at a grand jury to hear evidence regarding a July 15, 2012 drive-by shooting that left two men dead and another injured. Hernandez is a suspect in that case, ABC News has reported.

The bail hearing for Wallace contained more details in the complicated murder case against Hernandez.

Wallace, prosecutors said, was driven to Georgia by Tanya Singleton two days after Lloyd's bullet-riddled body was found in an industrial park near Hernandez's home.

Wallace's attorney David Meier told the court that Wallace went to Florida to visit his family and rejected any suggestion that he went there to dispose of a gun used to kill Loyd. Investigators are still searching for the murder weapon.

Investigators also believe Wallace was with Hernandez in May when the then-Patriots tight end got into an altercation in Providence, R.I., and police recovered a gun was stashed under a vehicle rented to Hernandez. Hernandez was not charged by Providence police and no one claimed ownership of the recovered weapon.

The judge ruled that Wallace's bail would continue to be set at $500,000.

Hernandez, who has pleaded innocent, is currently in a solitary cell at Bristol County Correctional Center in Dartmouth, Massachusetts where he spends his time reading the inspiration memoirs and the Bible, prison officials told ABC News.