California Teen Accused of Stealing Lamborghini Target of Juvenile Hall Break-In

Teen accused of murder and car theft target of juvenile hall break in.

Aug. 10, 2012— -- Authorities believe a break-in attempt at a California detention center Friday was an attempt to free an 18-year-old who was being held on numerous charges.

Authorities believe suspects were trying to break Max Wade out of the Marin County Juvenile Hall. He is being held for an attempted murder charge, stealing Food Network chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini and a variety of other charges. Wade turned 18 Friday and was scheduled to be sent to the Marin County Jail Friday.

Staff for the juvenile hall heard thumping outside the facility around 4:35 a.m. Friday. The suspect, or suspects, used a sledgehammer to try and break-in but they were unsuccessful, Mike Daly, the chief probation officer, told The suspects were trying to enter the room of Wade, who turned 18 today and was scheduled to be sent to Marin County Jail today.

Investigators are currently reviewing surveillance footage and conducting interviews to find possible suspects, who used also used wire cutters to break through two fences on the property.

Wade was transferred to the Marin County Jail as planned.

The juvenile hall houses inmates under 18 who face a variety of potential charges, including being members of a gang. When staff heard thumping, they removed all of the inmates staying in that wing of the hall, including Wade. All were accounted for and there were no injuries or escapes.

Officers from the Marin County Sheriff's Department, with the help of three other departments and the California Highway Patrol, launched a two-hour search for the suspects. But after two hours, it was called off.

Although the facility did have a successful break-out in 1999, Daly said, but they have never had a successful break-in before.

"There are only 13 kids in our little juvenile hall, so this is highly unusual," Daly said.

Wade entered a not-guilty plea on June 20 for stealing chef Fieri's Lamborghini and for shooting at a young couple in their car, ABC affiliate KGO reported. Wade will remain in custody in the Marin County Jail with bail set at $2 million.