Adopting abandoned pups a 'life-changing experience' for Los Angeles man

Jordan Kahana found the dogs in the middle of the Arizona desert in 2016.

— -- What began as a road trip of sorts became an adventure of a lifetime for a Los Angeles man who took a chance on two abandoned pups.

He brought them into his car and took them to the veterinarian, who told him they were dehydrated. But the good news was that they'd be OK.

Kahana named the duo -- believed to be German shepherd-border collie mixes -- Zeus and Sedona. The trio has been inseparable ever since, and Kahana has been documenting their journey every step of the way.

"It was a surreal moment but the best year of my life since," he told ABC News today.

"Getting to adventure with these guys, doing cross-country road trips, seeing national parks, having dogs with you at all times has just been truly a life-changing experience for me," Kahana said.

He has shared their adventures on social media, hoping that their "furrytale" is an inspiration to others.

"I couldn't encourage enough for others to adopt as well," he said. "I look forward to where our adventures take us."