Adorable 3-Year-Old Barista Makes the Best Decaf Cappuccinos

In an adorable viral video, 3-year-old is called the world's youngest barista.

February 11, 2016, 2:28 PM

— -- An adorable video that has gone viral shows a 3-year-old barista whipping up a decaf cappuccino.

The apron-clad toddler, Adler, is the son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, who own Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Adler is a "very passionate kid, with a sweet and tender side but he also likes to have things his way," Jenn Webb, the mother of the little barista told ABC News. "He loves learning and figuring out how stuff works."

Bindle Coffee opened in August 2015, although the Webbs' began roasting coffee at the beginning of that year. The mother explained that even before they opened the shop, her husband and her would experiment making coffee with an espresso machine in their basement. Young Adler would watch and was always very curious. Soon after the toddler began making coffee as well.

Adler can make cappuccinos and is also learning how to do pour-overs, he even has a special little kettle. Webb explained that he does not work at the coffee shop, but the toddler does love coffee—decaf, of course.

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