'Affluenza' Teen's Mom's Lawyers Issue Sarcastic Statement to Sheriff

Couch's lawyers asked that proceedings to be conducted "fairly and lawfully."

"We would like to thank Sheriff Dee Anderson for taking time out of his busy day serving as this county’s chief law enforcement officer to personally escort a 5’1”, 110 pound handcuffed and leg shackled female who was guarded by at least 2 armed deputies yesterday," the lawyers, Stephanie Patten and Stephen E. Gordon said in the statement.

The statement went on to say "we have never witnessed an elected official take such a personal interest and escort a suspect."

"We have also never seen or heard of a sheriff taking the additional unprecedented step that he took earlier today of interrogating her while in custody at court today (surrounded by four deputies) and while clearly represented by counsel, but without her counsel present!" the lawyers said.

During Ethan's sentencing for the drunken driving incident, a psychologist hired by the defense testified that the teen was a product of "affluenza" -- a term he used to describe Ethan's irresponsible lifestyle associated with his affluent upbringing.

Patten and Gordon went on to say that the "job" of the sheriff is to "hold press conferences" and "supervise his or her staff" and accuses Anderson of "piggybacking" on the case to gain attention for an upcoming election.

Couch, 48, has not yet entered a plea.

Another hearing will take place Monday regarding to Couch's bail, which has been set to $1 million. If the bond is lowered and she is released, Couch will have to wear an ankle monitor and hand over her passport.

Anderson could not immediately reached for comment.