Alleged Michigan kidnapping plot included setting Capitol on fire: Prosecutors

Investigators said that there was also a second alleged plan.

Newly released court documents suggest that kidnapping Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was only one alleged target of a purported plot that involved a violent overthrow of the state government by suspected homegrown terrorists.

The documents, which were filed in Jackson County Court in October, claim that alleged group leader Adam Fox sought to recruit 200 men to storm the Michigan state Capitol building.

Further, according to the documents, the group reportedly planned to televise the execution of politicians taken hostage over the course of "about one week" with no one "coming out alive."

Investigators said that there was also a second alleged plan that involved locking people inside the building and setting it on fire.

In October, authorities released a video that they said showed some suspects firing guns in a makeshift bootcamp. The alleged training site has since been raided by the FBI.

"There were many times that me and my wife would hear gunshots and it sounded like automatic weapons. ... And I've heard that and I have heard explosives going off," one of the suspects' neighbors, Jim Chinavere, told ABC News.

Of the 14 suspects taken into custody on state and federal charges, two appeared in court Friday to seek bond reductions.

A Michigan judge decided to reduce their bond, allowing them to be released with restrictions, but six suspects still face federal charges and remain in custody.

Defense lawyers for some of the suspects have said previously that the alleged plot was nothing more than "big talk."